Microsoft Teams is here, and it's changing how we think about communication and collaboration. With new products come new development opportunities, and Microsoft Teams is no exception with a rich set of developer tools already available.

In this series I'm going to explore all the different development tools, how they work, what they're for and how you can get started with them. Like my other Collections you can expect plenty of source code, which will all be accessible on GitHub. There will also be videos along the way for key concepts.

So don't get left behind - let me help you learn how to leverage the new development capabilities of Microsoft Teams today!

Collection in Progress

Q4 2017: This collection is new, and it's content is very much still being compiled. Sometimes you'll see titles without links - these are 'coming soon'. Other times, you may just think that entire sections are missing. It's likely they are still being compiled. If you're reading this, you are the cutting edge of technology! Stay current and check back here often to see what's been updated, or alternatively subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Twitter and get notified.

Before you start

Developing with Microsoft Teams: Preface

Developing with Microsoft Teams: Applications & Manifests

Microsoft Teams Development Landscape: High-Level


Creating Static Tabs

Creating Configurable Tabs

[Sept 2017 TM] More sections and blog posts coming soon...



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