1. Teams Basics

Let’s start at the beginning.

Teams is the latest communication and collaboration tool from Microsoft. If you haven’t yet experienced it, take a virtual tour!

Everything to do with Teams development has its own dedicated space on this site: thoughtstuff.co.uk/teams

2. Visit the blog

The most recent blog posts, covering news relevant to both Skype and Teams developers, how-to guides, videos, code samples are more are all on my blog - blog.thoughtstuff.co.uk. I recommend subscribing using a RSS subscription service such as Feedly so you don't miss anything.

3. Subscribe to Weekly Updates & More

I record Weekly Update videos to YouTube as well as videos from events, tutorials etc. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel so that you always get the latest video as soon as it goes live, or browse them all at thoughtstuff.co.uk/video.

4. Collections

I've grouped together my post popular content into a series of collections, to help you learn faster. Find them under the Collections section of the top menu.

5. Code Samples

Real code samples help people learn faster. I put as much code as I can into GitHub, and list it all out on a dedicated Code page. Learn more.

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Join my occasional newsletter. It's very low frequency and is how you can find out about big announcements that affect you as a Skype / Teams developer. Learn more.

7. Connect and say Hi!

Here's a quick list of where you can find me:





Or, failing that, you can contact me directly.

7. Book me as a Speaker

As you can probably tell, I'm passionate about spreading the development and platform story for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. If you have a user group or tech event that you want me to speak at, let's talk!

8. Hire Me

I currently work at Modality Systems as Senior Development Consultant, developing amazing software solutions for Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. Learn more.