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Presenting at Microsoft Reactor July 2019 for Evolve Conference on Tour

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I am passionate about Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Development, Office365 Development and the state of the Communications Industry today. If you'd like to discuss what I can talk about at your user group, conference or event, please get in touch using the contact page and I'd be happy to discuss options with you.

Speaker Bio

Tom is a Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business developer and Microsoft MVP with over 10 years experience in the software development industry. For the last 7 years he has worked at Modality Systems, a specialist provider of Universal Communications services, as Product Innovation Architect.

Tom is passionate about creating great software that people will find useful. He enjoys blogging and speaking about Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams development, Office365, Bot Framework, Cognitive Services and AI, and the future of the communications industry. He blogs at thoughtstuff.co.uk and tweets at @tomorgan.

Sample Abstracts

Building your first Microsoft Teams Application - a guide for non-developers - The way we work is changing. Bots are the new Apps. Data is King. Technology is evolving and you need to evolve with it. Teams has a rich platform for developers with multiple ways to bring new capabilities to your users. But what if you're not a developer and don't know where to start? Then this talk is for you! Join Tom Morgan as he navigates all the ways that Microsoft have made it easy to get started building your first Teams application, tips and tricks he has picked up over the past few years, Azure hacks to make sure you're not wasting money and more. As an example, he'll share experiences from publishing his most recent Teams App, RememberThis. If you've always wanted to write a Teams application and see your name in the App Store, this talk will fill in the gaps to going from Big Idea to Published App.

Microsoft Teams Developer Platform: my top 5 features - Microsoft Teams has a rich development platform and there are many different ways of integrating existing systems and extending the user experience. Join Teams Developer and MVP Tom Morgan as he demos his top 5 developer platform experiences. Expect plenty of demos showcasing how the Teams development platform can enhance the standard user experience.

Deep Dive - Building an IVR experience in Teams with the new Calls and Meetings API - Microsoft recently announced the new Calls & Meetings API. One of the things this new API enables is the ability to create IVR solutions. Join Teams developer and MVP Tom Morgan as he walks through how you can build your own IVR solution. Tom will cover setup, registration and authentication, as well as walking through code samples to build a simple but functional IVR bot. All the code will available to download so attendees can start building their own Teams-based IVR solutions. 

What is Microsoft Teams and Why do I Care? - Teams is Microsoft's latest communication and collaboration tool. If you already use Slack then you might think you don't need yet another chat client, but you might be surprised at all the things Teams can offer your business to make you more productive. In this non-technical introduction, join Microsoft MVP Tom Morgan as he walks through how Teams offers a different approach to business communication, demos some key features not available on any other platform, and compares Teams to the competition in areas such as security, data governance, developer integration and more.

Developers Developers Developers - What can today's Microsoft offer you - Microsoft hasn't always been everyone's friend. Recently though, you might have noticed the Borg doing some unusual things, such as hiring developers that don't write code on the Microsoft stack, and, uh, buying GitHub. What are they up to? Is it another plot to frustrate the success of open source, or something more benign. Maybe they have something to offer developers in today's world, to complement AWS and existing open source tools. In this not-super-technical-but-demo-heavy-talk-with-code for developers, Tom Morgan (disclaimer: a Microsoft MVP, but not a Microsoft employee) will attempt to convince you that today's Microsoft is a very, very different company from the one that still lives on in many people's prejudices, and that knowing more about what Microsoft is offering to developers could be beneficial to you. PS: we promise no one will be assimilated.


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