Tom Morgan - Skype for Business Developer

Tom Morgan - Skype for Business Developer

Hi, I'm Tom.

I'm a Microsoft Skype for Business Developer & MIcrosoft MVP. 

I’m passionate about building great applications for Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync), Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Bot Framework. Adding rich communications into your applications creates a great user experience and I’d like to show you how to achieve it.

I work at Modality Systems as a software engineer, developing applications with and for Microsoft SKYPE FOR BUSINESS. 

I also Blog and speak about Skype for Business, microsoft Bot Framework and Office365 Development.

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Sometimes you just need to see it to understand it. Browse all the Skype for Business Development projects I have on GitHub, each with their own blog post explaining what's happening. GitHub = free code for you to use, to learn from, to improve and make it your own.

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I also blog and share code samples about using the Microsoft Bot Framework and Microsoft Cognitive Services such as LUIS. These tools are a critical part of creating a complete communications experience and make developing for Skype for Business and Teams even more exciting! Read more about Bot Framework development.