Desktop Development with Microsoft Skype for Business

Adding Skype for Business functionality to desktop applications can be the quickest way to add communication & collaboration to your organisation. Whether its adding Skype for Business capabilities into existing line-of-business applications or creating new tools to automate parts of Microsoft Skype for Business, you can change how you and your users interact with, and think about, Skype for Business. To help you upskill quickly I've collected together some of my most popular blog posts about desktop development in one place. If you're new to Microsoft Skype for Business development you may also want to see my Skype for Business Development 101 page which includes more information about getting started and troubleshooting.

Prior to early 2015, Skype for Business was known as Microsoft Lync. Many of these blog posts date from that period. However, the fundamentals remain the same - so everywhere you see Lync mentioned, just think Skype for Business!

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Tom Morgan

Hello! I'm Tom Morgan, author of all the articles on this page, and of all the posts on this blog. I'm passionate about building great applications for Microsoft Skype for Business, and I'd like to show you how to do it! I work at Modality Systems as a software engineer, developing applications with and for Microsoft Skype for Business. If you liked this page, why not signup to the newsletter, subscribe to the RSS, or follow me on Twitter. Thanks for reading!