Sharing is Caring, right?! Well I hope so, and I hope I can help you to become a better Microsoft Skype for Business developer by providing you as much source code as I can, for the projects I write about on my blog.

Although I link to the source code on each blog post, on this page I'll keep current a list of all the source code I'm making available.

All the code is hosted on GitHub - and I encourage you to take it for your own use, improve on it and make it yours.

Prior to early 2015, Skype for Business was known as Microsoft Lync. Some of these code project date from before this time. They all work fine with Skype for Business, but I've left them with the Lync name, so you can tell them apart. However, you can still use them in your Skype for Business environment: just substitiute Lync with Skype for Business!

Skype for Business Bot Framework Outgoing Messaging

read the blog post:
get the source code:

IFTTT to Lync Converter

read the blog post: Connecting IFTTT to Lync – getting IMs when stuff happens
get the source code:

Lync Conversation Tracker

read the blog post: Tracking Lync Conversations in Code
get the source code:

Pausing Lync when On a Call

read the blog post: Pausing Lync when on a call using the Lync Client SDK
get the source code:


read the blog post: Building an IVR System with Microsoft Lync
get the source code:

Online Chat - UCMA

read the blog post: UCWA Sample Project – Online Chat Example
get the source code:


read the blog post: How to write a simple webpage chat, voice & video experience with Skype for Business and Skype Web SDK in 160 LOC!
get the source code:

Speech Transcription & Translation Bot using UCMA and Microsoft Translator API

read the blog post: Building a Speech Transcription and Translation Bot in Skype for Business using UCMA and Microsoft Translator API
get the source code:

QnAMaker Bot in UCMA

read the blog post: Building a QnAMaker Bot in UCMA for Skype for Business On-Premise Environments
get the source code: