Microsoft is changing the rules when it comes to search! Now you can embed bots right onto Bing search result pages. This means that users can ask hard, domain-specific questions about your organisation and your bot - your knowledge base and your artificial intelligence - can respond. Or, you can use the interaction to connect users directly to your staff for personalised answers to questions.

You can now write bots for your business that show up in Bing search results.

You can now write bots for your business that show up in Bing search results.

My name is Tom Morgan. I'm a Microsoft MVP and I'm going to show you how you can create a bot for Bing. The great news is that you don't even need to be a developer or know lots about bots!

I've created a simple three part guide that you can follow to create your own bot with artifical intelligence to answer common questions, and then publish it on Bing.

And of course, it's all for free!

Part 1 - Creating the Knowledge Base

Read about how you can use QnAMaker from Microsoft to quickly and easily build a knowledge base of common queries about your business. You'll need to do this so that your bot can answer intelligently to questions it receives. This is where you can personalise your bot and make sure that it has all the most relevant, up to date information.

Part 2 - The Bot

This is where you'll create the actual bot itself, although without writing any code! Then, you'll link it to the knowledge base you created in Part 1 to give it intelligence.

Part 3 - Configuring for Search

In this final section you'll ready your bot for the outside world and submit it to Bing for inclusion in their search results. Once this step is done your bot will be live to the world for anyone to use!


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